Our school is situated in Prapořiště village (part of city Kdyně) by the Czech border in Všeruby mountain pass. This mountain pass is a natural separation of Šumava and the Czech Forrest. An important road leading to Bavaria  ran through the pass back in the 9th century. 


The school was built in 1903 as a German school. After the year 1945 is became a Czech school and the building housed also a pre-school.  Nowadays, the capacity of our pre-school is fully used and majority of children move from pre-school to our elementary school (which serves grades 1 to 5).  School in Prapořiště is also attended by children from Kdyně, Starec, Hájek, Brůdek, Všeruby.


Our school enables individual attention to kids in an atmosphere that is not shadowed by problems such as bullying, drugs, etc.   Children are not only educated but also raised towards good moral values and tolerance.


The knowledge and morality that our students learn are more important to us than phrases   in the minutes from pedagogic meetings. No educational system can bring revolution to education. We do not see education and upbringing of our children as coming up with new and “alternative” means and procedures.   We are patiently trying to continue the work of many good teachers who were able to share their knowledge long before our times. We value the personality of each of our students. We believe that being human is the most important occupation and mission.